Rules of Play:

Three games per match.
Clean: Squeaky clean; no profanity or innuendo.
Acros are done in title case (Just Like This!) and end with an exclamation point (using a question mark is OK). An exception would be the title of a story, which doesn’t need to end with a punctuation mark.

arrow General Acro (GA): No topics are used. Shoot for one thought, one sentence.

arrowCouch: The round winner creates and types the topic in the chat area using the command “/st” followed by the topic. The first round is always GA. The round winner may not use GA or Pander as the topic. If a topic is not provided, the topic becomes “Why is there no topic?”

arrowWinner’s Choice (WC): The round winner either creates a topic (including GA and Pander) or lets the server provide one. Please note that pander is permitted ONLY when it is entered as the topic.

 arrowStory: The first round is the title of the story, in title case and quotes (e.g. “Fred’s Big Boat”). The winning acro becomes the title of the story and the following topics continue the story. If a topic is not provided, the topic becomes “What happened next?” Face-off concludes the story.

arrowSomething Else (SE): Our take on “Something for Everyone” which uses topics that are submitted by our members.

To submit topics for SE games, please email them to WNAsParkyMod@gmail.com. You can either attach your topic list as a text file, or simply copy and paste it into the email. Thanks!