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WNA is a community.  It is the community that makes it work and the community that keeps us moving forward.  Anyone with an idea can put it forward for consideration.  We had asked the membership for ideas for tournaments and codder, who had seen Survivor acro played before suggested we try it as a special event.  Survivor acro rivaled The Caveman event in popularity and people were asking for more.  Thus, Survivor acro was born as a twice monthly event.  It was a new trick for old dogs to learn and people love a new twist on the old game.

Rules of Play

Vote for your least favorite acro. The writer of the acro with the most votes is “voted off” and must refrain from entering acros but continue to vote until we have one sole survivor. No topics. Players earn one point for every round they survive.

If a player fails to enter an acro, they announce that in chat with: /ME DID NOT ENTER AN ACRO. Players who do not enter an acro will be voted out, saving the player with the most votes (immunity).

Failing to vote will earn you “zero” points. This is an unfair way to stay in the game. If you fail to enter a vote, please announce that in chat, and take yourself out of the game, saving the player with the most votes.

In the final round, if both players receive the same number of votes (after figuring in the voter bonus point), they share co-survivor status, regardless who entered first. If both players blank on the final round, the moderator is the sole survivor. If no players get immunity for the night, the moderator receives immunity.

Tip: Because ties for winning are based on who entered first, you should try to enter as late as possible to save yourself in the case of a voting tie!


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