Survival Guide


Object of the Game:

The object each game is to survive each round by not getting votes.  We eliminate one player per round until we’re down to just two people acroing, and the best acro of those two is named Sole Survivor (winner). We do this by voting for our LEAST FAVORITE acro each round. Whoever gets the most votes each round has, by vote, the least favorite acro and is eliminated. Read that again – whoever gets the most votes each round is eliminated and is no longer allowed to enter acros during that game (but should continue to vote and, of course, chat).


In Survivor Acro, you DO NOT want votes. The scores that show up next to players’ names have no bearing on the game or game results. Instead, the scoring system is based on which round a player is eliminated (1 point for round 1, 2 points for round 2, etc). The more rounds you survive, the higher your Survivor score.  You can find your score in the FNSA Recap posted on the WNA site after the games.


Rules of play:

1. Each player must enter an acro every round until they receive the most “Least Favorite Acro” votes during a round.

2. Each player must also VOTE every round, even if they have been voted off.

3. If a player fails to enter an Acro, player should say so IN CHAT immediately. To do this type /me DID NOT ENTER. That player then is disqualified, receives the points for that round, and SAVES the player that round who received the most votes. (Saved player wins the Immunity Idol and gets to continue playing).

4.  If more than one player during a round fails to enter an acro, both players are out and given the points for that round.

5. As long as you are among the surviving players, you MUST VOTE or you will be disqualified. If your score shows 0 votes but someone says they voted for your acro, you can be disqualified.

6. If you are voted off you will receive a generic /pc reminder from the room host. This is NOT personal. Every player voted off gets the identical message.

7. If you enter an acro AFTER you have been voted off, that round is VOID and will not count.  PLEASE do not acro after you have been voted off.

8. Game play continues until there is only 1 Survivor. The room is then closed and everyone returns to the lobby to wait for a new Survivor room to open. Please watch for instructions in chat.

9. Face Off does not count. We avoid getting into the Face Off rounds by setting the winning score to 40. Typically the Sole Survivor will be determined before the Face Off round happens.

10. If we do go into Face Off we usually just wait for it to be over and then continue the game with the remaining survivors continuing to acro.



1. It is best to keep acros simple and use one single sentence. Avoid misspellings, incorrect grammar, and inappropriate or excessive punctuation. Also, it is a really good idea to avoid acros which are political or religious in nature. List acros are also dangerous. Acros which use a comma in place of the word ‘and’ tend to get Least Favorite votes too. An example would be “I bought cookies, milk.”

2. Survivor Acro players look for ANY weakness in an acro to vote for it as their least favorite (misspelling, over-punctuation, poor grammar, etc.) You only need to enter an acro that is better than at least one other player’s entry.

3. It is always better to enter a BAD acro than NO acro. No acro means you’re out. Even a bad acro can survive if there is one that is less popular.

4. Because there is always the possibility of a tie vote, try to enter your acro as late as possible so you don’t end up getting the bonus points for the round. These count against you.

5. If you are brand new to Survivor, it might be a good idea to visit the WNA site to see previous FNSA game recaps to get an idea of what works and what doesn’t.