phlegmmyPhlegmmy’s (R.I.P. dear friend!) brainchild, Wednesday Night Acro was brought into existence at the beginning of August, 2004.  p had been playing on a clean team but loves good adult.  He wanted one good night of adult acro a week and thought that if he scheduled it, people would want to come and play.  He mentioned it to AC and Grape and they both said “What about clean?”  From there, fantazm (Parky), GrapeApe, ACJanie, and p started to put together a night of acro run like a neighbourhood bar’s “Dart Night,” a night of organized play for individuals based on a 16 week rotation or season. And thus, WNAL was born.

After that we added a few sub-leagues with different formats. Be sure to check out all their pages for more information about each format we play under.

As of summer 2014, AcroChallenge introduced a freshly updated version of the game. This was the mitigating factor for the re-designation of our League status and decision to take WNA in a less leaguey direction.

A major affect from the game’s re-vamp is an inability to save logfiles and easily provide recaps (the other affect was scoring, addressed further down).

So recapping has been discontinued. However, all of the old recaps will remain available for both viewing and comment. Don’t fear your comment being buried, it’ll show up on the sidebar on every page. Without further ado, here are the links to the “League” recaps…

Things like weekly game winners and survivors and Hedgie’s Most faves will henceforth be posted on the “blog” page where they might garner more attention and interaction.

Cumulative league scoring went away, but here’s where things were when we kept such records.

Previous seasons’ results are on tabs at bottom.