Hedgie’s Mono Faves

Mono Mania: Hedgie’s Most Favoritest Acros

(Hedgie’s favorites are not necessarily the highest scorers, but ones that she liked a bunch.)


Date Player Mono or Pop Mono Topic Acro


04/25/14  ACJanie  Mono (rescheduled) To get rich buy when it’s cheap.
03/14/14  LdyExecFL  Mono She was my date from hell.
02/14/14  Poor Bev  Mono  Let’s choke off his air.
01/11/14  Mod  Mono Some pets run when called, mine don’t.


12/13/13  Parky  Mono She has friends who quilt and bake.
11/08/13  No Game  …  ….
10/11/13  Rainy  Mono Storms are formed in clouds.
09/27/13  iHarryseattlerain  Mono  Great day for a hike.My quill shall pen it all.
08/09/13  bawbsgoldfish  Mono  I have claimed my kiss.
07/12/13  Ella  Mono  Slobs need bibs.
06/14/13  ACJanie  Mono  Quest for home will change my goal.
05/10/13  SuziWong  Mono  Sheep all cry wolf.
04/12/13  SuziWong  Mono  Who feels like pie?
03/08/12  Shelou  Mono  Signs of life.
02/08/13  Pav  Mono  Earth was a place for oaks.
01/11/13  SuziWong  Mono  Rocks can dent heads.


12/14/12  Parky  Mono Folks stop down here and eat.
11/9/12  Sindym  Mono  Cats play night and day.
10/12/12  Rainy  Mono  A church is zoned.
9/28/12  Pav  Mono  Jews for Christ.
8/10/12  Poor Bev  Mono They put an oak floor in. AND My ex died in her arms.
7/13/12  TheTornado and SuziWong  Mono Big vat of fat upped his pounds.
6/8/12  pav  Mono  I fight crime and own bat suits.
5/11/12  TheTornado  Mono All goes bad if wife hits me.
4/13/12  ACJanie & TintWeazel Acro without E Paid it out each month.Say a word I blow up Greece.
3/23/12  CnadianAngel  Mono  A moon is for night.
2/10/12  SuziWong Mono Old is crap.


11/11/11  SuziWong Mono Real dogs fight cats here,  but lose.
10/10/11  PoorBev Mono That’s some mean cat.
9/9/11  Shelley73 Mono Want a ride?
8/12/11  ACJanie/Ella Enchanted Mono Can’t go far by my skis.
7/8/11  Ella Mono I should just man up.
6/10/11  Parky Mono Big guys seek pants wide.
5/13/11  phlegmmy Mono A wind should raise my flag.
4/8/11  SuziWong Mono He danced so bad it ripped pants.
3/4/11  phlegmmy Mono The one good egg went bad.
2/11/11  singshine Mono Where can one put down stakes?


12/10/10 PoorBev Mono Stand and run on my count.
11/10/10 phlegmmy Mono A broom’s my date.
10/8/10 Aip Mono She bathed with a dead frog?
9/10/10 PoorBev Mono This means war.
8/13/10 ACJanie Mono Each boy penned a dead man’s name. Poem
7/9/10 Sxystar Mono Back off, I am King!
6/11/10 phlegmmy Mono Art is not viewed, but felt.
5/7/10 Aip Mono
4/9/10 Sxystar Sign on Noah’s Ark One pair at back has worms.
3/10/10 Parky Acro without using the letter E Poor skunks mold in woods.
2/10/10 Mailee Mono Boys are found in dirt heap.
1/8/10 Clint Use two names in your acro Keith held Sven’s lips in vice once.


12/11/09 ACJanie Mono This road scares me.
11/13/09 phlegmmy Mono Words of love.
10/9/09 SuziWong Kill someone in your acro Used sword, he lies cold.
7/10/09 kalamityjn Include a color OR shape in your acro A white bird lays eggs.
6/10/09 phlegmmy Mono Rain got his pants wet.
5/8/09 MaineLobster Mono Pie is king.
4/10/09 PoorBev Mono Can’t scratch an itch.
3/13/09 phlegmmy Mono Plants beg for rain.
2/14/09 phlegmmy Mono We could be next.


11/14/08 EMT_Chick Mono A nice red wine.
9/10/08 ElusiveJJ Use at least one adjective in your acro Pale skin has an ill look.
8/8/08 Clint Clothing/Fashion with Wild Card Vowel eWatched a guy change his pants.
7/11/08 ACJanie Anything having to do with trees and their by-products He cut my grove.
5/9/08 PoorBev Good Advice & Words of Wisdom It seems pride can have a fall.
4/11/08 Kingdingaling Outdoors Our creek has newts.
2/8/08 SuziWong Mono His bridge fell down.
1/11/08 PoorHarry Mono God save us.